Author name: Ronin Kurosawa

Ronin is an embedded metaverse reporter. His acclaimed coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign broke new ground in political journalism.


The Gingrich Who Stole Second Life

When Newt Gingrich strolled up to the podium on the steps of the virtual Capitol Hill last week, it was almost like any other Washington press event. The differences were subtle but noticeable to the trained eye: Gingrich looked 30 pounds lighter, protesters were levitating fifty feet above the ground, and the audience was just a tad bit furrier than the typical Beltway insider.

Such is the nature of politics in Second Life.

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Kirby Emporium in Second Life

Unravelling the Kirby Scandal

As political scandals go, this one was odd, even by Second Life standards. Gaming blogs were buzzing last week with reports of a bizarre incident involving the staff member of a US Senator who (allegedly in a drunken rage) used a plot of Second Life land to stage a protest against a fluffy pink video

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