Bunny Museum

A Visit To the Bunny Museum

The Bunny Museum is a house full of bunnies. Over 30,000 of them. Plush bunnies, wooden bunnies, wax bunnies, chocolate bunnies, pewter bunnies, topiary bunnies, clay bunnies, stainless steel bunnies, rubber bunnies, painted bunnies, iron bunnies, shag bunnies, and even three live bunnies. “But no Playboy bunnies, we’re not into that around here,” owner Candace […]

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Smell Of Books

Smell of Books Fails the Sniff Test

The latest innovation in ebook technology isn’t digital. It’s aerosol. At least, that’s what the DuroSport Corporation would have us believe. The company has just released an “aerosol ebook enhancer” called Smell of Books. The first question that comes to mind is, why? Who would possibly want the smell of books in a can? Apparently,

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