Fuck Da Eagles Lady

Fr*ck Da FCC

There’s something about post-season football that inevitably leads to the discussion of indecency on television. After the lengthy national debate over Janet Jackson’s breast, you would think that we would have settled this issue by now. Instead, we’re gearing up for a new battle over another kind of wardrobe controversy. The latest indication that pro […]

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Tribute to The Residents

Very few bands survive 35 years in the music business without undergoing major changes. Guitarists drown, drummers spontaneously combust, and singers get old and cranky. There’s no telling what might happen once rock stars reach a certain age. Fortunately, the Residents aren’t like most aging rockers. As bands go, the Residents haven’t changed much over

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Teaching Kids About Copyright

I have no problem with the idea of teaching kids about copyright. After all, kids are the future. We’re doing it for the kids. Feed the children. Save the world—etc. etc. etc. However, copyright is a complex subject that most adults don’t fully understand. When I say “most adults,” I’m referring specifically to the RIAA,

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Doll burning ritual in Ueno Park

Burning Dolls in Ueno Park

I wandered into Ueno Park with every intention of spending a quiet afternoon watching pandas and penguins at the zoo. I started the day with a visit to the statue of Takamori Saigo, the legendary Ronin then wandered among the various shrines and temples in the park. I paused briefly at the Kaneiji Kiyomizudo Temple.

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