Live from the Yearly Kos convention

My Weekend at the YearlyKos Convention

Editor’s Note: The YearlyKos convention in Chicago this past weekend was a significant milestone in the history of the liberal blogosphere. The event confirmed the ascendancy of bloggers as a serious political force. All seven of the Democratic Party candidates attended to woo progressive voters. As part of our ongoing effort to bring Medialoper readers […]

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Kirby Emporium in Second Life

Unravelling the Kirby Scandal

As political scandals go, this one was odd, even by Second Life standards. Gaming blogs were buzzing last week with reports of a bizarre incident involving the staff member of a US Senator who (allegedly in a drunken rage) used a plot of Second Life land to stage a protest against a fluffy pink video

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Twitter hits the tipping point

Twitter Hits the Tipping Point

A social messaging application called Twitter has taken SXSW by storm like nothing in recent memory. It seems like everyone in Austin is either Twittering, deconstructing the relevance of Twitter, building a Twitter enhancement, or wondering why the hell they didn’t have the idea first. SXSW 2007 will be seen as the moment when Twitter

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RSS Junkie

My Life As An RSS Junkie

My name is Kirk, and I have a problem. I’m an RSS addict. Like most addictions, my problem started as innocent experimentation. I began dabbling in RSS years ago when it was still a relatively new technology. I told myself it was a better way to keep up with the news. I rationalized that I’d

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