A Visit To the Bunny Museum

Bunny Museum

The Bunny Museum is a house full of bunnies. Over 30,000 of them.

Plush bunnies, wooden bunnies, wax bunnies, chocolate bunnies, pewter bunnies, topiary bunnies, clay bunnies, stainless steel bunnies, rubber bunnies, painted bunnies, iron bunnies, shag bunnies, and even three live bunnies.

“But no Playboy bunnies, we’re not into that around here,” owner Candace Frazee tells me.

I ask Candace about the rumor I keep hearing — I raise the question as delicately as possible — people are saying she keeps frozen rabbits.

“The first thing you have to do when your bunny dies is freeze it!”

And then?

“Send it off to the taxidermist, of course.”

She tactfully asks why a grown man is here, in the middle of the day, by himself, “That’s not normal.”

The owner of the Guinness world record for the largest bunny collection has just told me she thinks I’m not normal.

I explain that my wife has concerns about the museum, not the least of which is that it’s full of taxidermy rabbits.

At which point she groans.

“Tell your wife it’s not like that. We don’t have taxidermy rabbits everywhere. Just these nine in the front of the house,” she says, pointing to her display case of dead bunnies.

Later she reveals there are three more dead rabbits in the freezer. The freezer is apparently some kind of bunny purgatory.

“The media tries to make me sound crazy, but they don’t understand you can’t just leave dead rabbits lying around.”

“A woman who works for a natural history museum sent me an email. She told me, ‘You’re not crazy. I have a gorilla in my freezer.”’

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