Author name: Kirk Biglione

Kirk is a digital media consultant, writer, and amateur cat psychologist.

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A Tribute To Coffee

Is there a beverage that has had more influence on society than coffee? Well, maybe beer — but there’s a reason why people don’t describe themselves as Beer Achievers. Coffee is the ultimate performance-enhancing drug. Without a fully caffeinated workforce, the wheels of capitalism would fall off. Without coffee, we would have no software —

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Twitter hits the tipping point

Twitter Hits the Tipping Point

A social messaging application called Twitter has taken SXSW by storm like nothing in recent memory. It seems like everyone in Austin is either Twittering, deconstructing the relevance of Twitter, building a Twitter enhancement, or wondering why the hell they didn’t have the idea first. SXSW 2007 will be seen as the moment when Twitter

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